Evergreen Fiddler Vol. III



These are, by and large, dance tunes learned from traditional old time fiddlers living in the greater Northwest and Western Canada. These fiddlers inspired me with their depth of connection to the musical traditions as well as their great musicianship. Some fiddlers came originally from farther east and south bringing their traditions with them, others were raised in the rural Northwest and carry on regional and family fiddle traditions. Their styles were influenced by the confluence of musical cultures found here, in particular, the blend of Scandinavian, Midwestern and Western Canadian styles.


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The tunes as they were printed in the original newsletter were representative of my own take on them after having played them for many years. For this edition, I revised the transcriptions to correlate more closely with the particular recordings presented here. In general I kept the notation simple with just the occasional bowing suggestion or ornament notation for the purpose of indicating a general style. Little angled lines ahead of a note indicate a slide into that note. A note with tails both up and down suggests playing the note with the fourth finger as well as the open string. Some double-stops have one note with a standard head (melody) and one with a smaller slash for the note head (harmony). The chords indicated are mostly as they were played on the recording. Chords in italics are among some of the interesting substitutions. A close listening will bring out details of styling, as well as make the tunes easier to learn.

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