Evergreen Fiddler Vol. II


Evergreen Fiddler Tunebook Volume 2
Compiled by Stuart Williams

This volume contains the tunes published in the association’s newsletter from February 2004 through January 2005. The book contains twenty tune transcriptions, with notes on the tunes, their origins, and other recordings where they can be heard. All twenty are included on the CD, played by old time fiddlers from the Pacific Northwest.

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The tunes as they were printed in the original newsletter often represented my own take on them after having played them for many years. It’s amazing how much a tune will change over time as a fiddler has his or her way with it! For this edition I went back and revised the transcriptions to correlate more closely with the particular recordings presented here. For these purposes I kept to just the occasional bowing suggestion or ornament notation for the purpose of indicating a general style and left most of the tunes pretty sparse. A close listening will bring out details of styling, as well as make the tunes easier to learn. When you see little slash marks where a note could be, that is to indicate a suggested double stop with the melody note being the one with the standard note head. The chords indicated are mostly as they were played on the recording. Chords in italics are among some of the interesting substitutions.

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