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New Website Making Progress

The new website is making progress at last.  I know a lot of you have been a bit confused as to the progress of the website.  Well it is finally starting to come together.  Learning new stuff is always a struggle but, well worth it in the end.

Membership registration is not currently available on the new website.  But, you can still pay your dues online at

We due plan to have the membership moved to the new site in the near future.  Keep posted for more information.

With the new website, we have added several new features as well as a new look to the site.  We have plans to add even more as time goes on.  But, we need your help.  Use the forums to post suggestions for content on the website.   It is simple to do, once you have registered as a user on the site.

Stay tuned for new content.

The new website looks fantastic!


Thanks Connie.

Still working an it.  There will be more content as time goes on.