Email Notices About Deleted Accounts

09/24/2018 / Comments Off on Email Notices About Deleted Accounts

General Information

This last Sunday several of our members reported that they received emails stating their account had been deleted.  These emails were sent out in error.  Trust that your membership information is intact and has not been hacked.  

I am currently setting up our new site, and ran into an issue while migrating membership information to the new site.  I had to remove the newly created accounts on the new system.  One of the features of the new system is email notices to members.  The option notifying a user that their account has been deleted, was active.  I have since turned this option off and you should not receive any further emails until the new system is activated.  This should happen sometime in November.

Thank you for your patience and I do apologize for the confusion this has caused.

Bill Crabtree

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