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Tune of the Month: Danny's Waltz

Danny's Waltz

As I mentioned back in March of ’03 (The Evergreen Fiddler Tunebook: Volume II), I used to hear some great Canadian style fiddling at the home of Wally Bloom back in the early 1970s outside of Eugene, OR. Linda Danielson and I would head over to the family’s gas station and join Wally and his dad for tunes on a Saturday afternoon. In addition to the old time square dance tunes, waltzes and schottisches of his youth, Wally was quite proficient on swing tunes, as you can see here, www.oregonoldtimefiddling.org/sierra-swing. He is joined on Sierra Swing by the composer, California fiddler Marvin Standiford (see Sep, 2003 Newsletter or (The Evergreen Fiddler Tunebook: Volume II).

I don’t have a good recording of Wally playing this so you’ll have to put up with yours truly on this WOTFA web site. I used to play it a lot for dances and the occasional contest but had left it on the back burner to simmer until my piano student, Danny Marcus, noticed a tune named for him. We’ve been playing it ever since. Truth be told I don’t know anything about the tune’s origins; Wally’s the only one I ever heard play it. If any of you can enlighten me I would be grateful.

Stuart Williams

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