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Tune of the Month: Running Waters

Running Waters

As we were discussing in The Evergreen Fiddler Volume 2, Phil Cook was a fine fiddler who graced many a WOTFA stage while he was living in Washington. Jigs and reels leapt from his fiddle in a cascade of good clear noting and driving rhythm. Raised in upstate New York and as a member of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation he attended old time dances and heard the fiddling of his community from the get go. Though the Saint Lawrence River divided the tribe, they still maintained relations across the border with Canada and, through cultural osmosis, many French Canadian fiddle tunes found their way into the local repertoire over the years, joining the Scottish, Irish and New England and tunes played in local halls and at “kitchen hops” for a long long time.

You can hear a few more of Phil’s tunes on the Voyager Records web site and at a site dedicated to the cultural traditions of upstate New York, www.adirondackmusic.org. While you are there you can listen to or download tunes and transcriptions thereof from other fiddlers of that area.

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Updated October 6, 2012

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