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"The Michael Emmett Hornpipe" from Chuck Griffin

Chuck Griffin, late of Olympia, WA and places southwest (see The Evergreen Fiddler III Ė Republic Schottische) used to play this hoedown which he learned from and named after his father, Michael Emmett Griffin I presume. If you have the old Voyager LP "Cascade Country" with Chuck, his wife Pauline and friends, Johnny & Nettie Williams, you can hear it there. You can also listen to it below, along with a collection of previous tunes of previous months that will grow with time. In Chuckís hands itís got a lot of drive and would be an excellent choice for square dancing.

Listen carefully to his bowing. I’ve notated a bit of the Nashville shuffle in the opening bars of the ‘a’ part. He finishes those phrases with some tasty two note slurs across the beat. These crop up again in the ‘b’ part as well. While I may not have this with one hundred percent accuracy, you should get the gist of it. Have fun - I find it pretty compelling myself.

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Stuart Williams, Music Editor

Updated May 25, 2012 (new version of transcription to replace old one with typo)

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