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The Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association is often contacted for resources to help musicians improve their experience. Click on the link below to be taken to the appropriate section of the page. WOTFA is providing this information as a courtesy and does not endorse or guarantee the quality of the referrals.

Instructional Materials and Recordings

Dianne Gooch's List of Websites and Apps:
Web page: WebAndAppSitesDianneGooch082013.pdf
What is it? Dianne Gooch presented a helpful mini-workshop at our 2013 summer workshop on websites and apps for learning and playing music. This is her handout with all the links..

Ludiker Music
Website: http://ludikermusic.com
About: The Spokane-based music studio of JayDean Ludiker publishes CD's and instructional books, and offers fiddle instruction with three teachers.

Petimar Press
Website: http://www.petimarpress.com
About: Pete Martin's Seattle-area business specializes in instruction books for mandolin and fiddle. Pete has also been a mandolin instructor at the Kittitas Workshop and teaches in several locations in the greater Seattle area.

Voyager Recordings and Publications
Website: http://www.voyagerrecords.com
About: Vivian and Phil Williams' business specializes in recording and publishing Old Time Music CDs and tune books. They also do presentations and performances around the Pacific Northwest as well as teach at the Kittitas Workshop.
NEW: On a new page on the Voyager Records website, Phil now has a link to his back-up guitar chords and "Hillbilly" style of playing them.

DS Music
Website: http://www.dsmusic.com/index.html
Internet article: "How to Learn the Violin - Starter Guide"

Music Intructors

NOTE: Instructors are listed first by district where they live (or have a bulk of their students) and then alphabetically within their districts. Some teachers travel to other districts (example: Stuart Williams is District 6 but also teaches on Bainbridge Island).

Instructor: Patt Duff
District: 2
City: Spokane area
Phone: 509-465-9988
Instruments: Fiddle, guitar, ukulele, piano. . .
Other: Lifetime fiddler, from a 6+ generation fiddling family. Fiddling will be taught by ear, supplemented with tab and notation. Guitar and ukulele: chord , then flat pick style, jamming, improvisation, writing out you own tunes, creating lyrics as well as band etiquette is taught. Ages 4 and up.

Instructor: Corrine Judd
District: 2
City: Spokane (north)
Phone: 253-720-7703
Email: fiddlelessonsbycorrine@gmail.com
Instruments: Beginning & Intermediate Fiddle, Beginning Guitar

Instructor: Earl Calvert
District: 3
City: Wenatchee
Phone: 509-886-1614
Email: wotfacontest@hotmail.com
Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar

Instructor: James Knight
District: 4
City: Blaine
Phone: 360-739-4773
Instruments: Fiddle

Instructor: Jeanne & Claresse Mirgon
District: 4 & 16
City: Camano Island
Phone: 360-387-7818
Email: beittikvah5@yahoo.com and clairesse@integrity.com
Instruments: Fiddle and guitar. Specialize in kids and families. Does individual and group lessons.

Instructor: Kat Bula
District: 4
City: Bellingham
Phone: 509-886-1614
Email: kat@bellinghamfiddle.com
Instruments: Fiddle
Other: I teach via Skype/Google/YouTube, as well as in person (Bellingham, WA only). Subjects include: improvisation – any instrument; music theory – or “musical anatomy” as I like to call it – on any instrument; fiddle – beginning through advanced (adults and teens/tweens); transitioning from classical violin to folk or rock; and troubleshooting pain and tension.
Website: http://katbula.com


Instructor: Laura Farr
District: 5
City: Shelton
Phone: 360-427-1703
Email: wlzfarr@msn.com
Instrument: Old time fiddle

Instructor: Cindy Johnson (formerly Edwards)
District: 5
City: Bremerton/Silverdale area
Phone: 360-981-2908
Email: FiddlestixStudio@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.FiddlestixStudio.com
Instruments: Fiddle
Other: Fiddlestix Studio is the brainchild of Cindy Johnson, award-winning NorthWest fiddler and instructor. Cindy teaches skills in fiddling technique - for kids or adults, beginning to intermediate - with her unique, easy-to-learn method. For more information, please visit Cindy's web site, listed above.

Instructor: Stuart Williams
District: 5 (and 6)
Address: Island Music Guild
City: Bainbridge Island
Phone: 206-323-8004
Email: stuwilli@mindspring.com
Instruments: Fiddle, mandolin and guitar both in District 5 (Bainbridge) and in District 6

Instructor: Pete Martin
District: 6
City: Seattle, Bothell, Kent, Issaquah
Phone: 206-367-9756
Email: pete@petimarpress.com
Web site: http://www.petimarpress.com
Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Guitar
Other: Pete was 1994 National Adult Fiddle Champion and in 1983 placed in the top 5 at the National Mandolin Championship. He is author of 7 instruction books about fiddle and mandolin playing. Private, professional instruction with over 25 years teaching experience. Many playing styles taught.

Instructor: Diane McMahon
District: 6
City: Algona
Phone: 253-833-7398
Instruments: Fiddle/Violin, Piano, Theory, All ages

Instructor: Stuart Williams
District: 6 (and 5)
Address: 1312 - 13th Ave South, Seattle
City: Seattle and Bainbridge Island
Phone: 206-323-8004
Email: stuwilli@mindspring.com
Instruments: Fiddle, mandolin and guitar both in District 6 and in District 5 (Bainbridge)

Instructor: Cheryl A. Hall
District: 7
City: Yakima area
Phone: 509-966-0572
Email: cherylhall57@gmail.com
Instruments: Fiddle, guitar
Other: Offering beginning to lower intermediate fiddle and rhythm guitar lessons.

Instructor: Sarah Comer
District: 8
City: Puyallup
Phone: 253-845-2975
Email: fiddleteacher@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.learningmusician.com/SarahComer
Instruments: Fiddle by ear and music theory
Other: In Fall 2006, Sarah will again be teaching "Beginning Fiddle: American Style" at Pierce College. For more information, please see the Fall 2006 Bulletin, under Arts and Music. For references, please see Sarah's website, above.

Instructor: Lyn Neal
District: 8
City: Tacoma
Phone: 253-267-1867
Email: music_lady_lyn@comcast.net
Instruments: Fiddle
Other: I am an experienced and credentialed teacher and have fiddled over 60 years in different parts of the country. I originally learned to fiddle from my grandmother in upstate New York, fiddled Ky. Style at Berea College in Ky, and fiddled in Texas, Wyoming, Utah and CA. I have a Degree in music so I teach notation and Theory thrown into my lessons. I like to contest fiddle and have placed well in a number of competitions and participated in a number of fiddle camps in the US and Canada. I even taught American fiddling in India in 1960.I am a SR SR.

Instructor: Shawn Hughes
District: 12
City: Tri-Cities
Phone: 509-736-3539
Email: shawneeboy135@msn.com
Instruments: Mandolin, Guitar

Instructor: Marie Parks
District: 12
City: Tri-Cities
Phone: 509-585-4895
Email: fiddlinsam@aol.com
Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass

Instructor: Edna Whitney
District: 12
City: Tri-Cities
Phone: 509-546-2626
Email: emwhitney@charter.net
Instruments: Fiddle, Banjo, Beginning Guitar

Instructor: Duane Atkins
District: 16
City: Camano Island
Phone: 360-387-4325
Email: mapletreeswing@frontier.com
Instrument: Violin
Other: I accept students from Camano Island and the Stanwood area.

Instructor: Jeanne & Claresse Mirgon
District: 16 & 4
City: Camano Island
Phone: 360-387-7818
Email: beittikvah5@yahoo.com and clairesse@integrity.com
Instruments: Fiddle and guitar. Specialize in kids and families. Does individual and group lessons.



Regional Fiddling Organizations

British Columbia Old Time Fiddlers
Website: http://www.bcfiddlers.com/

Central Fraser River Valley Fiddlers
Website: http://www.centralfraservalleyfiddlers.com/

Calgary Folk Music: http://calfolk.ca
Website: http://calfolk.ca
Fiddler's Resources: http://calfolk.ca/fiddle/resources.htm
Prairie Mountain Fiddle Tunes: http://www.calfolk.ca/tunes1/tunes-pmf.htm

Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association
Website: http://www.oregonoldtimefiddling.org

Nevada Old-Time Fiddlers Association (NOFA)
Website: http://communitylink.reviewjournal.com/lvrj/nvfiddlers

California State Old Time Fiddle Association
Website: http://csotfa.org/
Back-up Tracks (CSOTFA's District 9): http://www.csotfa9.org/backupsD9/index.html

National Old Time Fiddlers Contest & Festival
Website: http://www.fiddlecontest.com

North West Regional Fiddle Contest
Website: http://northwestregionals.com/

Other Links of Interest

Fiddle Hangout
Website: http://www.fiddlehangout.com

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