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Junior Fiddlers

The Washington Old Time Fiddlers encourages young people to try their hand at fiddling in the old time style. Funds raised by some districts help pay for eligible children to attend the summer workshop. In fact, approximately one third of the summer Workshop attendees have been children! Several districts also offer classes for youth when there is interest and an available teacher (for example, see District 15 on our Districts page).

There are children within the Washington Old Time Fiddlers who are lucky to come from "musical" families. Just as prevalent in WOTFA are children who have led their parents into the world of old time music because of their youthful talent and enthusiasm.

Children are the future of old time music!

The Summer Workshop

Kids of all ages flocked to our annual 5-day workshop; in fact, about a third of those attending have been youth for the past several years! The annual summer Workshop is a prime opportunity for youth to learn how to fiddle (or play the backup guitar, mandolin or banjo). The 2014 workshop will be July 14 - 18, 2014); so, mark your calendars now for the first Monday in April, when you can apply. It's a family opportunity, and the prices are kept affordable. When kids aren't in class, they can be found playing barefoot soccer, flying kites in the fabulous wind, jamming, or square dancing.

Several districts offer scholarships for the tuition to camp; please contact your district to see what the requirements are to get one.

Please see the Workshop page for more information.


Updated 1/12/2014

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