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It was with great sadness but understanding that we accepted Earl Calvert’s resignation as Fiddle Contest Chair in 2010. We applaud him for the fantastic work he did throughout the years and appreciate all he has done for the WOTFA organization.

That, of course, leaves us without a chairperson for that event. This means that we will not hold a contest in 2011 with hopes that someone in our organization will step up and prepare for 2012. We won’t mislead you – this is a very demanding and time-consuming job. It entails lots of computer work, follow-up, begging for money, gaining advertisers, as well as finding a location that is affordable enough, yet large enough, for this undertaking. This also takes many, many volunteers to help – another great obstacle because everyone seems to be stretched pretty thin.

If you are interested in finding out more about this job, please contact myself or Earl Calvert and we will be happy to provide all the information you need to make a decision. Earl has said in the past that it has been a very rewarding experience and hopes that someone will find time to volunteer for this project.

Thanks for your consideration.

Rita Hubbard
State President

Earl Calvert
Past WOTFA Contest Chairman

Updated 1/26/2011

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